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Live Immigration Law Update Webinar

join us for a 6-hour CPD event featuring experts like Richard McKee (Retired judge of the Upper Tribunal), Barristers Samina Iqbal, Sarah Pinder, Julian Norman from Goldsmith Chambers and Nishan Paramjorthy from Paramount Chambers.

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AstenJ offers professional training services, encompassing Continuing Competence Training tailored for Solicitors, CPD Training, and comprehensive programs for all legal professionals.

  • Premium, affordable training events for legal professionals in England and Wales.
  • Tailored training to elevate skills and expertise for diverse legal practitioners.
  • Inclusive programs fostering professional growth across the legal sector.
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We exclusively collaborate with top-tier legal professionals in the industry

Top-tier professional training

Why AstenJ?

Choose AstenJ for expert-led, practical training tailored to your professional needs. Our programs ensure up-to-date, relevant knowledge, helping you stay ahead in your field. Benefit from flexible, comprehensive courses that fit your schedule and career goals.

Expert-Led Training Programs

Industry experts deliver tailored, practical, and up-to-date training sessions.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Wide range of topics with customizable schedules to fit your needs.

Recognized CPD Provider

Our programs are recognized for quality and relevance by professional bodies.

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Team of Expert Speakers

Industry-Leading Expert Speakers

AstenJ’s expert speakers are industry leaders with extensive knowledge and practical insights. They deliver relevant, actionable training to enhance your professional skills. Learn from the best with AstenJ.

Sweets & Desserts
Richard McKee

(Retired judge of the Upper Tribunal)

Julian Norman

(Barrister – Goldsmith Chambers)

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Michael Allum

(Solicitor – International Family Law Group LLP)

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Nishan Paramjorthy


The Royal Food
Sarah Pinder

(Barrister – Goldsmith

Hot & Cold Drinks
Samina Iqbal

(Barrister- Goldsmith Chambers)

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